Definitions and Explanations of Dental Terms

Health Sciences

Author: Serdar Sütcü

Cappadocia University Press: 41
Health Sciences Series: 10

ISBN: 978-605-4448-21-0

Certificate No: 43348

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol
Redactor: Duran Can Gazioğlu
Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır
Page Design: Adem Şenel

1st edition, 191 p, 16×24 cm.

Keywords: 1. Dentistry, 2. Terms in dentistry, 3. Speacialty in Dentistry, 4. Dental education.

Definitions and Explanations of Dental Terms includes basic information covering all disciplines of dentistry as a book that can be used by the components of the dentistry profession, students of dental faculties, assistant health personnel and academics. It covers the most frequently used information in the profession for our students who take their first step into the profession to reach quickly and easily. This dictionary aims to provide the reader with basic information that can enable us to speak the same language in the profession.

It provides spot information for those who study for exams by including many questions from the Specialization Exam in Dentistry (DUS) that have been held so far. Hopefully, it will be useful to all readers who are preparing for the profession of dentistry and practicing their profession…

Born in Eskişehir, Serdar Sütcü graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Dentistry after completing his primary, secondary and high school education. He completed his doctorate in Periodontology at the same faculty. He worked as a faculty member at Ankara University and Biruni University, Faculty of Dentistry. The author, who has many national and international publications, still works as the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Cappadocia University.

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