Panel and Workshop on Food and Nutrition Needs and Coordination in Post-Disaster Emergencies


Cappadocia University Press: 65
ISBN: 978-605-4448-53-1

Certificate No: 43348

Editor: Rukiye Yalap
Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır

The meeting titled “Food and Nutrition Needs and Coordination in Post-Disaster Emergencies,” organized online by Cappadocia University on March 10, 2023, consisted of two distinct sessions: a panel and a workshop. The Panel on Post-Disaster Field Experience shared the experiences and observations of volunteers who were involved in meeting the nutritional needs of disaster-stricken areas. Subsequently, during the organized workshop, the aim was to develop improvement suggestions based on these shared insights. This report, produced following the workshop, encompasses the evaluations, outcomes, and recommendations of the working groups.

With this booklet, we hope contributing to the execution of nutritional services for disaster victims and emergency personnel operating in disaster-stricken areas. It aims to gather observations and experiences related to the coordination of human resources, materials, logistics of supplies, infrastructure, energy, and all the related elements needed for providing nutrition services. The intention is to aid in the enhancement of processes and their optimization.

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