Cappadocia University Press is an university publisher that aims to contribute to the advancement of the scientific literature. We desire to provide readers with respectable, selected, and prestigious works that contribute to the progression of science, art and technology since 2010.

Cappadocia University Press focuses on publications in the fields of Politics, Humanities, Art, Health Sciences and Technology. Its goal is to ensure that the knowledge, ideas and innovations are accessible for all. Therefore, we publish most of our titles open-access.

Our publishing house publishes books, as well as scientific and peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, textbooks, practice books and scientific reports. We also translate important academic works that contribute to the relevant fields of study. Works that are planned to be published or translated into Turkish are included in the publication calendar in line with the opinions of our advisory boards, under the coordination of our Series Editors.

Our publications are included in international and national library catalogs and electronic indexes, and DOI numbers are assigned to each title after publication.