Our Mission

KÜN aims to contribute to the recording of the cultural and historical heritage of Turkey and its nearby geographies, starting with the geography around Cappadocia. Cappadocia University Press aims to provide readers with respectable and prestigious works that contribute to the progression of science, art and technology.

Cappadocia University Press focuses on publications in the fields of Politics, Humanities, Art, Health and Technology, ensuring KÜN contributes to national and universal values with knowledge in the fields in which it has specialized, and to which it gives priority. It is also among our goals to ensure that the knowledge, ideas and innovations that are either existing in or obtained through studies at Cappadocia University are accessible by public and private institutions and organizations in need.

Our publishing house publishes books, magazines, conference papers, textbooks, practice books and reports in special series in the fields of Politics, Humanities, Art, Health and Technology.