Notes on Biochemistry in Dentistry

Health Sciences

Author: Ercan Öztürk

Cappadocia University Press: 42
Health Sciences Series: 11

ISBN: 978-605-4448-24-1

Certificate No: 43348

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol
Reviewer: Emre Sarandöl
Proofreading: Sümeyra Demiralp
Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır
Page Design: Adem Şenel

1st Edition, 363 p, 19,5×27 cm.

Keywords: 1. Basic Biochemistry, 2. Laboratory, 3. Clinical Biochemistry, 4. Enzymology, 5. Plasma Proteins, 6. Lipids, 7. Nucleic Acids, 8. Metabolism, 9. Hormones, 10. Vitamins.

Biochemistry is one of the basic branches of science that explains how metabolic activities occur in human body and the mechanism of functioning of diseases. Biochemistry Notes in Dentistry, prepared for students of the Faculties of Dentistry and Health Sciences, aims to make Biochemistry courses easier to follow. Dozens of tables and more than 250 figures are used in order to reinforce the information in the book and in an easier way, and it aims to increase the retention of the topics. It is ensured that the book is a suitable resource for the Specialization Exam in Dentistry (DUS).

The book consists of these topics as follows: Cell, Basic Concepts of Metabolism, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, Hormones and Nucleic Acids. Slightly different from the order of topics in conventional books, it aims to make students comprehend each topic within its own subtitle with no distraction.

Ercan Öztürk, who was born in İzmir, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Ege University. The author, who completed his specialty education at the Department of Biochemistry of Uludağ University, worked as a Biochemistry Specialist at Dr. Behçet Uz Pediatrics Training and Research Hospital. Öztürk has been giving seminars for the Medical Specialty Exam (TUS) and the Specialization Exam in Dentistry (DUS) for about 25 years, has many books and national and international publications, and is still working as a doctor lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry of Cappadocia University.

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