Practical Book for Hematology Laboratory

Health Sciences

Zeynep Akidağı

August 2019


Certificate No: 43348


Editor: Prof. Dr. Türkan Patıroğlu

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol

Redactor: Nurten Bayraktar

Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır

Page Design: Evren Demiryürek


Akidağı, Zeynep.

Patıroğlu, Türkan, (editor).

Practical Book for Haematology Laboratory.

105 pages, 195×270 mm.

There are references.

  1. Haematology, 2. Haematology Laboratory, 3. Haematology Applications.

The Practical Book for Haematology Laboratory is a resource aimed at laboratory technicians working in the healthcare field, and to clinicians working in the field of haematology. The book includes preliminary information about the routine tests and protocols applied in haematology laboratories, with demonstrations of how tests are performed. Unlike other sources in this field, the book has been prepared in a format that benefits students studying in the medical laboratory programs of vocational schools of health services in their haematology laboratory courses, with space provided for them to write the reports of the tests they have performed. As the haematology test protocols in the book are expressed clearly, step-by-step, students will learn how these tests are performed, and will be able to easily apply them in their professional lives. This book is also intended to serve as a guide to healthcare professionals working in haematology laboratories. Accordingly, the Practical Book for Haematology Laboratory can benefit medical laboratory technicians as well as students studying courses on haematology practices in medical faculties, thus filling a gap in resources in this field.

Zeynep Akidağı graduated from the Biology Department of the Kırşehir Science and Literature Faculty of Gazi University in 2007. She studied in the Medical Laboratory Techniques program of the Vocational School of Cappadocia University in 2017, and started her master’s studies in the Immunology Department of the Institute of Health Sciences of Erciyes University the same year. She completed her master’s studies with her thesis entitled “Application of Fragment Analysis in Molecular Diagnosis of Chronic Granulomatosis Disease” in 2020, and began her doctorate studies in the same department in 2020.  She has worked as a Biologist in the clinical laboratories of various health institutions. Akidağı has participated at, and has prepared papers for various congresses, and served as a consultant for a project entitled “Porter Protective Injector Cover” that was entered into TUBİTAK’s inter-university competition in 2019.

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