Report on the Development of Local and Sustainable Gastronomy: Findings from the Turkish Cuisine Week Panel and Workshop.


Edited by Prof. Dr. İlhan ÖZTÜRK & Prof. Dr. Müge ARTAR

Cappadocia University Press: 82
ISBN: 978-605-4448-73-9
DOI: 10.35250/kun/978605444739

Certificate No: 43348

Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır
Page Design: Adem Şenel

Awareness of climate change, efficient water use, and food security is on the rise worldwide. This growing awareness is leading to an increased demand for local products that leave a small carbon footprint, require minimal water usage, and prioritize the well-being of producers while minimizing harm to the environment from farm to table. However, Turkey has yet to shine a sufficient spotlight on its rich gastronomic heritage with geographical indications and traditional local farming practices. As a country boasting both a diverse agricultural inventory and a prominent position in global tourism, Turkey has not fully tapped into the potential of gastronomic tourism that supports local and traditional production.

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