Practical Book for Basic Techniques in Health Profession

Health Sciences

Semra Sarıay

December 2019



Certificate No: 43348

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol

Reviewer: Ayşegül Yıldız

Redactor: Duran Can Gazioğlu

Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır

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Sarıay, Semra.

Practical Book for Basic Techniques in Health Profession

110 pages, 195×270 mm.

There are references.

Key Words: 1. Interventional health practices, 2. Positions used in treatment, 3. Positions used in patient examination, 4. Basic rules in the health profession, 5. Asepsis.

The ways we access vital information have increased today, and in the disciplines of science, the main goal in vocational education is to ensure the transformation of knowledge into skills. With this in mind, the Practical Book for Basic Techniques in Health Profession was prepared to for students undergoing technical education in associate degree health programs, supporting their development into competent professionals in their field. The book aims to teach students invasive/non-invasive intervention skills, supporting the basic skills and practices that they will learn in laboratory lessons, describing correct, complete and continuous operations, following a sequential process defined in checklists, allowing them to reach the master skill level in the targeted procedures. This training book details examination practices and treatment positions, asepsis techniques, processes for the measurement of vital signs and the invasive procedures that Health Technicians are required to perform throughout their professional life. It is a resource that students can use as a guide both in their applied laboratory classes and in their working lives.

Semra Sarıay completed her high school education in the Nursing program of Nevşehir Medical Vocational High School. She worked as a nurse in Bingöl State Hospital, and then in Nevşehir State Hospital and in Nevşehir Central Health Clinic. In 1997, she completed her Healthcare Education in the Erzurum Hakkı Healthcare Education Institute and started working as a Medical Technologist in the Provincial Directorate of Health in Nevşehir. She graduated from the Department of Health Education of İnönü University in 2011. She worked as a health educator in Nevşehir Anatolian Medical Vocational High School for 17 years, and started work as a lecturer in Cappadocia University in 2013. She is currently working as a First and Emergency Aid Program Officer and the Clinical Programs Coordinator at the same university.


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