Practical Book for Medical Imaging Techniques

Health Sciences

Ercan Türerer

December 2019



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Series Editor: Vesile Şenol

Reviewer: Kadirhan Doğan

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Türerer, Ercan.

Practical Book for Medical Imaging Techniques

123 pages, 195×270 mm.

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Key Words: 1. Medical Imaging Techniques, 2. Radiology, 3. Radiography, 4. X-Rays, 5. Radiological Anatomy.


The Practical Book for Medical Imaging Techniques aims to support the theoretical knowledge acquired by students in various courses, including Anatomy, Radiography Positions, Radiation Protection, etc. with images and key questions, aiming to facilitate learning and consolidation, and to increase the memorability of knowledge. Radiography, which emerged with the advent of the application of X-rays – discovered by German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895 – in the field of health, has been defined as the “eyes of medicine”. In modern medical settings, advanced imaging techniques constitute a large proportion of the images obtained for medical purposes, due to the endeavours of well-trained medical imaging technicians and the benefit of fast and low-cost radiographic examinations. This book supports students in answering the questions of “what, why and how?” when obtaining graphs through x-rays. The anatomical data provided in the book provides descriptions of: what is to be imaged, the aim of taking radiographs, why it is needed, radiography positioning and how to perform examinations. Through the knowledge they will acquire through this book, students will be aided in their education and will become well-performing medical imaging technicians in their professional lives.

Ercan Türerer completed his associate degree at the Radiology Department of Konya Selcuk University in 2006. He started to work at Gebze SSK Hospital upon his first appointment as an X-ray Technician. He took part in health screenings in various factories, including Ford Otosan, in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB), and then continued his profession as an X-ray Technician at Nevşehir State Hospital. He graduated from the Finance Department of Atatürk University in 2012. He completed his master’s studies in Health Institution Management in the Institute of Social Sciences of Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş University in 2014, and received a Pedagogical Formation Certificate from the same university.

Türerer has been lecturing various courses, including Introduction to Radiology, Medical Imaging Applications, Radiation Health and Safety, Dark Room and Transfer Techniques, in the Department of Medical Imaging Techniques of Cappadocia University since 2013.  He took part as a speaker and as a member of the secretariat and scientific committee of national congresses organized by the Association of All Radiology Technicians (TÜMRAD-DER) between 2014 and 2019. And was on the organizing committee and scientific committee of the Medical Imaging Students Congress held for the first time in Turkey in 2016.

The author’s book entitled Current Radiography Techniques was published by Kongre Bookstore in 2016.

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