Psychology Overview

Health Sciences

Demet Vadi

Cappadocia University Publications: 23
Health Sciences Series: 9

ISBN: 978-605-74760-2-9

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol
Redactor: Duran Can Gazioğlu
Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır
Page Design: Adem Şenel
Key Words: 1. Psychology, 2. Normal and abnormal behaviour, 3. Personality, 4. Intelligence, 5. Mental health.

The main purpose of this book is to introduce, in general terms, the science of Psychology to students studying in the Vocational Schools of Health Services, providing its readers with not only rich content, but also the opportunity to gain comprehensive information about the mental problems encountered in daily life. Accordingly, it is appropriate for both university and vocational school students who are in need of a supplementary resource for the courses of the science of psychology, as for readers who want to expand their knowledge in this field and understand their self-concept.

The book has been prepared in an easy-to-understand style, and is based on the studies of important theorists in the science of psychology, drawing upon various publications, and the provided information is supported by various enriching visuals.

After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara, Demet Vadi graduated from the Department of Psychology of Middle East Technical University in 1987. She worked as a psychologist in various hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health for 26 years, and has been working as a lecturer and psychological consultant at Cappadocia University since 2013.

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