Radiographic Anatomy

Health Sciences

Şaban Tiryaki

Cappadocia University Press: 18
Health Sciences Series: 8

ISBN: 978-605-06863-4-0

Series Editor: Vesile Şenol
Reviewer: Kadirhan Doğan
Redactor: Nurten Bayraktar
Cover Design: Nazile Arda Çakır
Page Design: Adem Şenel

Keywords: 1. Radiographic anatomy, 2. Head radiography, 3. Extremity, 4. Vertebral radiographs.

Radiographic Anatomy has been prepared for the Radiological Anatomy course and similar courses taken by vocational school students studying in Medical Imaging Techniques programs. In line with the common curriculum in Turkey, the book introduces anatomical structures through head and face radiographs, lung radiographs, upper and lower extremity radiographs, digestive system radiographs, urogenital system radiographs, body radiographs, vertebral radiographs, mammographies, cerebral and neck angiographies, thorax and abdominal angiographies, and upper and lower extremity angiographies. The knowledge that students and radiology enthusiasts should be aware of at the outset of their studies is presented to readers in a simple and plain style. The large number of images make learning enjoyable and to encourage studying. Following the presentation of descriptive information through images, the acquired knowledge is reinforced through multiple choice tests. Radiographic Anatomy will appeal to all those with an interest in radiology, but especially the students of vocational schools of health services.

Şaban Tiryaki graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Uludağ University in 1990.  After working as a physician in the central health clinic in Üzümlü, Erzincan, and thereafter in Kaman, Kırşehir, he passed the examination for specialty in medicine and went on to study in the Radiation Oncology Department of Ankara Numune Hospital in 1993. He completed his specialization in Radiology in the Faculty of Medicine of Cumhuriyet University and became a Radiology Specialist in 1998. He has worked as a Radiology Specialist in Erzincan State Hospital, Ürgüp State Hospital, Nevşehir State Hospital, Private Versa Hospital and Private Aşıkpaşa Hospital. He has since undergone training in second level obstetric ultrasonography. In his working life, he has performed dual contrast gastrointestinal examinations, DSA, MRI, CT, USG, Doppler USG, 4D USG, trucut breast biopsy and percutaneous drainage. His specialty thesis compared the success of venography with colour Doppler ultrasonography for the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis. Tiryaki is currently lecturing in the Medical Imaging Techniques program of Cappadocia University.

In 2000, he published an article on his thesis topic in the journal of the Faculty of Medicine of Cumhuriyet University. In 2007, he published a case report on Dysgerminoma arising in Swyer Syndrome in The Internet Journal of Pathology with colleagues from Erzincan State Hospital. The author’s book Radiological Cross-Sectional Anatomy was published by Cappadocia University Publications in 2019.

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