Texts Guiding Us

Texts Guiding Us, the second biggest project after the Texts Guiding the West of Cappadocia University that was founded by Alev Alatlı, traces the development of the thought adventure that shaped our world for about 1250 years between 750 and 2001. The milestone texts such as printed or non-printed works, edicts, manifesto, which make us “We”, that had guided or changed the direction and form of Islamic civilization after the “Great Meeting” and that are in the form of written documents belonging to various fields of knowledge, were selected in agreement with the experts of the relevant fields, and some of them were compiled by quoting from ready-made works while some other by translation or transliteration.

The selection of Texts Guiding Us defines the term “We” formed under the roof of Islam through the selections from texts written in various languages, including Turkish, Arabic, and Persian, by Muslim or minority groups in the Islamic society consisting of many elements of non-Muslims living under the auspices of Islamic states and Islamic cultural policy that is based on the principle of equality of races, and puts the milestone basic printed or non printed texts, that shape and guide “Us” or that change our direction/form, at the disposal of Turkish readers.