The Politics books series was first initiated in 2018 with the vision of Cappadocia University to make Cappadocia the centre of attraction for international academic studies and develop scientific approaches to regional, local and global problems. The series focuses on political, economic, historical and sociological assessments and area studies. The series prioritize and encourage the publication of critical interdisciplinary studies, comprehensive analyses and expert evaluations.

The series addresses social, political, economic and environmental issues of various regions in the world. For this purpose, monographs, edited volumes with contributions of various authors, abstracts and full texts from workshops, seminars and conferences organized at Cappadocia University, translations of classical works, postgraduate theses are published as open access books in the Politics series.

We are open to book publishing recommendations from academicians and researchers around the world. Books in the Politics series are published after the series editor’s preliminary evaluation and the rigorous evaluation of reviewers who are experts in their fields. The Politics series strictly adheres to high academic publishing standards at the international level.

Series Editor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Halil Burak Sakal (Cappadocia University)

Call for Proposals

Proposals for  the series are accepted by the Cappadocia University Press Committee. Within the scope of the series, applications on current and historical subjects that have the potential to produce scientific solutions to regional, national and global problems are evaluated. The Politics series, first launched in 2018 by the Cappadocia University Press, includes the publication of critical interdisciplinary studies, comprehensive analyzes and expert evaluations aimed at addressing regional and global problems.

The Cappadocia University Press Committee encourages the application for monographs and edited volumes for evaluation to be published in the Politics series. Applications for the series are first evaluated by the series editor and then undergo a rigorous evaluation by at least two reviewers.

The following topics are focused on within the framework, aim and scope the series. On the other hand, there is no obligation for proposals to be limited to the following:

  • Studies on the historical and current issues of the Cappadocia region,
  • Regional and local development, sustainability, environmental policies,
  • Tourism policies in Turkey and the world, sustainable tourism, tourism competitiveness,
  • The nexus of water, environment and energy,
  • Studies based on archival work on the history of Turkey and the regions of the world,
  • Theoretical approaches to international politics,
  • Regional studies (Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Eurasia, Arctic, Africa, Middle East, America),
  • Analytical and theoretical approaches to Turkish politics,
  • Research and studies on education, culture and social policies,
  • Studies on current issues related to urbanization, city-environment relations and local governments.

Proposals must be submitted by directly addressing to the Series Editor at burak.sakal@kapadokya.edu.tr, by 31 August of each year, at the latest, for evaluation and peer review.

Proposals must have the potential to make a significant contribution to the existing knowledge in literature, be based on original research that has not been published previously or is not under review for publication. The manuscripts should demonstrate a coherent and clear argument and provide the reader with sufficient evidence to support their argument. References in the study should be coherent, concise, consistent, and well-arranged. Sources in English and in the local language (if any) should be well-used. A list of sources referenced in the text should be included at the end of the study.