Health Sciences

Learning is the permanent changes that occur in an individual’s behaviour based on the knowledge obtained from experiences. Learning takes place mainly through visual, auditory or tactile ways. The more sense organs involve in learning, the easier it is to learn and the memorability increases. Aiming to raise the standards of clinical education by prioritizing the effective learning process, Cappadocia University Health Sciences Series was written for enabling our students to learn through visual, auditory and tactile experiences and to transform the learned knowledge into permanent behavioural change.

In professional life, interventions and practices should be done at once, completely and perfectly. For this reason, these books written to prepare our students for professional life aimed that they acquire the skills starting from observation to the level of mastery through correct, complete and continuous procedures using the checklists of the sequential process steps of the invasive-noninvasive attempts they will perform both in laboratory settings and case studies on models produced based on real human models.

The Health Sciences Series, prepared with the joint efforts of academic staff of KÜN based on effective and interactive learning objectives, constitutes one of the significant milestones for our students to acquire basic knowledge, skills and competencies specific to their field of expertise and reach the master skill level in each of these areas.

Series Editor

Prof. Dr. Vesile Şenol (Cappadocia University)


Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ferhan Soyuer (Cappadocia University)

Prof. Dr. Mahmut Özkırış (Cappadocia University)

Prof. Dr. Özgen Aydıncak (Cappadocia University)

Prof. Dr. Tayfun Eyileten (Cappadocia University)

Prof. Dr.  Bülent Pişkin (Cappadocia University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saniye Aydoğan Arslan (Kırıkkale University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kazım Şenol (Bursa Uludağ University)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Doğan (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Kadirhan Doğan (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Meral Başaran (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Ayşegül Yıldız (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Banu Süzen (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Gülşah Güneş Şahin (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Rukiye Yalap (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Şaban Tiryaki (Kırşehir Ahi Evran University)

Dr. Tayfun Ceylan (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Gülay Özdoğan (Cappadocia University)

Dr. Gözde Sunman (Cappadocia University)

Zeynep Akidağı (Cappadocia University)


Call for Proposals

The purpose of Cappadocia University Press Health Sciences Series is to bring the textbooks, compilations, original research and translations required in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs that are prepared in accordance with national and international academic publishing criteria in the field of Health Sciences such as Basic Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Audiology, Speech-Language Therapy and Nursing, to the field and literature by publishing these in printed and/or electronic media. Our press sends the books it publishes to the world’s leading university libraries.

You, esteemed scientists, can disseminate your textbooks, original researches, compilations or translation studies that you have prepared in your field, through Cappadocia University Press in your academic and social environments.

The proposals for the Health Sciences Series must be submitted to the Series Editor at, the latest by 31 May of each year, for peer review evaluation.